No.51: Research on Enterprise Internal Control Problem in Financial Sharing Mode

Published: 2021-04-05      Visits:10      Author:Lihong Jia

Abstract: As the scale of the company continues to expand, the competition in the industry is increasingly fierce. In order to maintain competition companies, it is necessary to reduce the financial management model of operating costs and financial sharing. Financial sharing services are the products of modern financial management and information technology, and various types of information systems are the core of its efficient operation. However, information technology also generates system-related risks such as security, stability, reliability while reducing the risk of manual treatment. Therefore, enterprises must first improve the original internal control system based on financial sharing characteristics, so that the financial sharing center is safe and effective. In this paper, in the study, the three methods of using literature research methods, case research methods, and investigation and research methods, from the five aspects of internal control elements, in combination with their industries, the status quo of internal control implementation, existence The problem has been analyzed in-depth analysis, and a targeted offer of the MG company improves its internal control system. After the study, the implementation of financial sharing in the overall direction indeed reached the initial expectation target of MG, and its financial work efficiency has been significantly improved. The implementation of internal controls also enjoys financial sharing concentration, and information. . However, the implementation of financial sharing has brought new issues to internal controls, such as business and finance phase separation, high mobile rate, risk assessment work, and weak risk prevention and control mechanism, financial management has not formed closed-loop, finance The audit streams in the surface, and the performance evaluation mechanism is not perfect. In response to these problems found in the study, this article also gives appropriate optimization recommendations, including: promoting financial integration, paying attention to employee development, targeted development risk assessment, clarifying the division, improving risk prevention and control measures, and punishment mechanism Strengthen the company's joint formation of financial closed loop, build a performance appraisal index system. In addition, companies can also use their unique mobile application R & D capabilities to develop financial internal control exclusive applications to optimize their financial sharing and internal control. It is hoped that the research of financial sharing entries that have or plans to implement financial sharing is provided to provide a certain reference value when building internal control systems.

Key Words: Financial sharing service;Internal Control;Financial integration


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