No.50: Research on social security of coal mining subsidence area in Bozhou City, Anhui Province─ Taking Xinhu Coal Mine Mining Subsidence Area, Wuoyang County, Bozhou City as an Example

Published: 2021-03-28      Visits:10      Author:Zhenwei Wang

Abstract: Bozhou city of Anhui province has put forth efforts to solve the problem of social security since the beginning of coal mining subsidence. According to the principle of "giving priority to people's livelihood, protecting ecology and developing green", Bozhou has coordinated health and medical security, housing security, employment security and pension security. Summing up the practice, successful experience, main problems and causes can provide some reference for the social security of subsidence areas in China, especially the social security of the economically underdeveloped central and western regions, and has important theoretical and practical significance for improving the social security policy of subsidence areas.

Key Words: Bozhou city ;Coal mining subsidence area;Social security


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