No.52: Discussion on the implementation path

Published: 2021-04-12      Visits:10      Author:Xinlei Fang

Abstract:Since there is excessive issues in my country's medical insurance funds, there is a huge gap in medical insurance funds, so the reform of medical insurance payment methods is to regulate medical service behavior, and guide medical resources plays an important leverage. At present, my country is entering the phase of empirical research and practical test according to the disease diagnosis-related group (DRG) payment system. The reform of medical insurance payment methods is a huge challenge for the hospital life and death. Public hospitals must meet the trend of the times, ready to meet challenges, in order to survive in the fierce market. This paper combines the internal operational mechanism of my country's public hospital, divided the hospital to implement DRG payment method into preparation, simulation period and implementation period, from the three aspects of hospital information transformation, settlement process, data simulation testing, public hospitals to carry out DRG The implementation path of the payment method. According to the DRG payment method, the Impact of the "Outstanding" of the Hospital Cost Efficiency is analyzed from the three aspects of cost management, performance management and discipline. The implementation of the implementation of the hospital operation management. It has thus proved that the medical insurance payment method has also brought opportunities to the hospital, and the hospital medical quality management can be carried out through DRG, standardize the medical treatment and DRG-based performance appraisal.

Key Words:Diagnostic correlation group;Payment method;Implement path;Operation management


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