No.53: The impact of digital financial inclusion on regional economic development

Published: 2021-04-19      Visits:10      Author:Jing Chen

Abstract:This paper uses the spatial measurement model to analyze the relationship between digital financial inclusion and regional economic development in 31 provinces and cities in my country. The empirical results show that there is significant spatial agglomeration and positive spatial autocorrelation in the economic development of various regions, and the trend of increasing correlation in recent years is more obvious. The dynamic spatial Dubin model is used to analyze the influence of digital financial inclusion on regional economic development. Digital financial inclusion has a significant positive direct effect on regional economic growth, and a significant negative spillover effect on neighboring regions. Therefore, starting from improving regional economic development and narrowing the gap, it is necessary to optimize the allocation of regional digital financial inclusion and balance the development level of regional digital financial inclusion.

Key Words:Digital financial inclusion;Regional economic;Spatial Relations


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