Yijun Zhang Delivered Academic Lecture

Published: 2021-04-17      Visits:10

On April 13, Yijun Zhang did an academic report entitled "Iowa Operators' Per capita GDP in Anhui Province".Part of the teachers, graduate students and undergraduates attended the lecture presided by Jing Chen,a teacher.

Yijun Zhang used the IOWA operator combination forecasting model to study the evolution trend of Anhui Province's per capita GDP.Using the 1993-2014 GDP per capita data in Anhui Province as an example, Yijun Zhang established multiple regression, index forecast, and quadratic exponential smoothing single forecast models.The above models were combined by introducing the IOWA operator, and then the development trajectory of Anhui per capita GDP was inferred.The academic forum which was informative and insightful broadened the horizons of the students and teachers, providing them with a deeper understanding of the future development trend of Anhui Province's GDP per capita.

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